The New York Television Festival
The NYTVF was founded in 2005 as the industry’s first recognized independent television festival, providing a platform to elevate the work of artists creating for the small screen.  Held annually each fall in New York City, the birthplace of modern television, the Festival unites artists, executives, industry figures, and fans together in one forum to celebrate the medium and to help shape its future. 

The NYTVF’s Independent Pilot Competition has established a pipeline allowing producers, writers, and directors to showcase their original TV pilots directly to the decision-makers of the industry.  In its first two years, the Festival has featured acclaimed independent pilots that were purchased by networks such as NBC Universal, A&E, and Versus.  The NYTVF offers the next generation of TV storytellers unprecedented access to development executives and producers looking for the next hit show.  All you need is an idea and a video camera.

Along with the Independent Pilot Competition, the Festival presents parties, seminars, and other special events designed to honor television as an institution and as an art form.  In 2006, the Festival launched its first “Premiere Week” screening series, featuring star-studded, red-carpet debuts of new fall shows from major networks such as NBC, ABC and FOX.  Entering its third year in 2007, the NYTVF Panel Discussion Series invites some of the biggest names in the industry to discuss contemporary issues and future trends affecting both casual fans and TV insiders.

With new platforms and technologies outpacing the current supply of programming, there has never been a better opportunity for aspiring television-makers to have their voices heard.  The NYTVF spotlights talented artists with the vision and creativity to invigorate the television landscape.  Now, for the first time, the doors to television are open.



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