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The NYTVF was founded in 2005 as the industry’s first recognized independent television festival, providing a platform to elevate the work of artists creating for the small screen.  Held annually each fall in New York City, the birthplace of modern television, the Festival unites artists, executives, industry figures, and fans together in one forum to celebrate the medium and to help shape its future.  Along with the Independent Pilot Competition, the Festival features panel discussions, premiere screenings, and other special events designed to honor television as an institution and as an art form.

Independent Pilot Competition
The goal of the IPC is to give artists a greater voice in the industry by allowing them to present their ideas unfiltered to the decision-makers in the business.  Since 2005, the NYTVF has showcased dozens of original television pilots directly for cable and network executives, TV agents, producers, and fans all over the world.  Ranging from scripted comedies and dramas to animated series and reality shows, the pilots featured at the IPC reflect the most innovative and groundbreaking independent TV content currently being produced.  The NYTVF has debuted three shows that have been purchased for development in the U.S.

  • The scripted comedy Split the Difference, winner of the TV Guide Audience Award and Best Comedy Pilot in 2006, was purchased by NBC Universal Television Studios weeks after it premiered at the NYTVF.
  • The reality program Off the Hook, winner of the Audience Award and Best Reality Pilot in 2005, aired as a series on the Versus network in 2006.
  • The unscripted comedy pilot Criss-Cross was purchased and developed as a pilot by A&E in 2005.

Panel Discussion Series
Each year, the NYTVF assembles some of the biggest names in the industry to examine past and current trends in television and to project where the business is headed in the future.  Aimed at a diverse audience of both industry insiders and casual TV fans, the NYTVF Panel Discussion Series continues to address the hot topics confronting television today, including the risks of news reporting in regions of war and crisis, the future of advertising on TV, and the state of the family sitcom.  Distinguished panelists featured in these talks have included Dan Rather, Mitchell Hurwitz, Mike Scully, Phil Rosenthal, Meredith Vieira, and Bill Hemmer.

Special Events
The NYTVF hosts a number of parties, special screenings, and events to celebrate the impact of television on New York as well as American society through the years.  In 2006, the NYTVF inaugurated its exclusive “Premiere Week” screening series, presenting new fall shows from major networks.  NBC, ABC, and FOX all held red-carpet premieres of new series, accompanied by the stars and creators of each program.  In addition, the Festival offers a diverse range of international screenings, out-of-competition pilots, and special events features designed to spotlight the best independent television from all over the world.


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